“A drummer is usually like the backbone.” ~ Brody Dalle

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Opus11 Drum Teacher

Our Drum teacher at Opus11 School of Music

believes that anyone can play and excel at drums and percussion. Our lessons are based on mastering the motions and exercising the mind and body.

What We Will Cover

Together we will take it step by step from advanced techniques to difficult songs, and everything in between! By learning to play drums at Opus11, you’ll learn Music Theory, how to support a band, play your favorite songs, play for school concerts, and learn various drumming techniques.

One on One Drum Lessons for Kids Ages 4-12

The focus will be on how to read basic notes. We’ll spend time learning how to listen and catch the beats in a song. Call and Response exercises along with simpler patterns will help lay a great foundation.

One on One Drum Lessons for Students Ages 13+

We will focus on building the skills to walk through any difficult section or beat while learning proper posture and technique. We will translate simple patterns to any limb or drum to help build necessary skills. Advanced music theory will be a part of the curriculum as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes we can! Opus11 School of Music partners with South Bay Pianos to provide you with the opportunity to rent brand new, high quality Kawai pianos, ranging from space-saving digital pianos to high end grand pianos at an extremely competitive prices to fit both your space and your budget. We can bundle your lessons and instrument rental together so that you’re paying only one fee for your lessons and your instrument! Pianos can be rented for up to one year and the cost of your rental may be applied towards the purchase of the instrument.

Children practice regularly once a routine and habit have been established. To help parents with this effort, we hosted an interview with Bay Area parenting educator and classroom management mentor, Laura Myszne, which is available for you to view right here!

Absolutely! We offer virtual instruction for all instruments and select group classes as well.

Many studies show that public performance helps to boost self esteem and confidence. While performing and speaking in public can be certainly be stressful experiences at first, however the more frequently we do it the better we get. We strongly encourage participation in the recital events to achieve these benefits and to have the opportunity to support fellow Opus11 students.

Absolutely! We want you to have the opportunity to find the instrument you love to play. Because we get to know each student and strive to understand their goals and abilities, we can seamlessly transition a student from one instrument to another.

Absolutely! We have a number of teachers who are available to provide lessons in the comfort and privacy of your home. Please contact us at info@opus11.com, or schedule a consultation here.


Hear from some of our members of our musical family:

My daughter Emma loves the piano lessons with Ms Julie. She looks forward to come back to the next lesson even before she leaves the studio. Ms Julie creates a supportive rather than a competitive learning environment. She works with each individual student based on his/her own interest and pace, and she knows how to connect to a student. This connection motivates Emma to practice, and furthermore the pieces that Ms Julie picks for her are so beautiful that she won’t get bored when playing it over and over. The duet part is an enjoyment for both Emma and myself. But it doesn’t mean that the lessons are any less of a challenge. As a “piano parent” who also happens to be an adult student of the studio myself, I can see Ms Julie’s lessons covers a broad range of techniques such as articulations, breath, pedal, and more. All the techniques are introduced even from the very first lesson! This is Emma’s first piano experience. I’m happy to see that after the initial “honeymoon”, her interest on piano is still growing. For me, her smiles after playing a piece says everything.

Bin Fan
My son really enjoys taking lessons at Mrs. Julie’s Music Studio from teachers who make him feel comfortable and acknowledge his effort along the way. He progressed quite quickly in the beginning and then hit more challenging parts that he wasn’t keen on practicing at home. However, the teachers are skilled at creating a special bond with each student and capable of encouraging them to continue mastering the songs. I am always excited to see that light bulb moment during a lesson when he finally gets it. The big smile and being proud of his effort is just the best feeling for a parent to witness. It’s so great to have the opportunity to observe my child’s lessons in Ms. Julie’s cozy studio. I can’t wait to see more progress made that will ignite the fire in my child to want to practice on his own. So grateful we have found the best music studio with a variety of great class options for children and adults!
Sonia & Igor Markovsky

It is a pleasure for me to write about Julie Poklewski and Opus11 School of Music!  My kids and I have been taking piano lessons with Julie for a little more than two years.  Besides the fact that she is a wonderful human being, Julie has a unique teaching style than keeps kids and adults excited and motivated with the learning process. I am truly happy that my kids have a teacher who is instilling a lifelong love for music and the qualities of perseverance and dedication in my children.  More than anything, I am glad I do not have to nag my kids to practice anymore and we have the piano being played constantly in our home.

Shailaja Venkatsubramanyan

Avani enjoys learning piano from Ms Julie as the way of her teaching is wonderful. She tries to connect with the student and is cheerful and super nice. Also, she gives her students options as to what pieces they want to learn. It is wonderful to see how Ms Julie taught Avani to play difficult pieces like Fur Elise.
My experience so far has been amazing. I really like the way Ms Julie sends an email after each class. It mentions in a very clear and concise way the homework for the week. As a piano parent, I feel Julie is very organized in designing the yearly round classes, activities and recitals. To sum up, Ms Julie is a wonderful piano teacher who is always cheerful and enthusiastic to teach music to her students.

Nidhi Thakur

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